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Our goal is a service for every Team Fortress 2 competitive player to find their place.

A place for beginners to play with more experienced players and learn from them, as well for the more experienced to relax and enjoy their favourite game.

Our reason

What competitive Team Fortress 2 has always been struggling with is growing the playerbase. For those who are new to the game, the options for finding a good 6v6 or 9v9 match are limited. It has always been our opinion, that you only get better at the game by playing with more experienced players. is focused on making it possible for players of all skill levels to enjoy well-balanced games together, where there are no 5-0 rolls and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our history

The project was started in July 2019 as a small service for the Polish TF2 competitive scene named We wanted to include as many newer players as possible, but with traditional double mixes it was pretty difficult.'s aim was to create a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone interested in 6v6 format could find their place.

At first it was only the Polish service for 6v6 game mode, but soon enough we learned there is a demand for more game modes in more countries. After initial success, we launched, Polish 9v9 and, Spanish 6v6 pickups. Currently, we have also founded French, Czech/Slovak, German, Post-Yugoslavian, Finnish and Dutch 6v6 pickups and we are looking forward to seeing many more.

What is

We give you an open-source, MIT-licensed project with all our best intentions and support. Although the project name is, it is not limited to Polish domain. In fact, anyone could launch their own instance of, with their own branding and configuration.

What is NOT relies on admins to balance the games. There is no ELO system, no automatic skill recognition, nor a captain-pick system. Each player has an assigned skill number on each class in the current game mode and that number is edited by hand, by admins. Therefore, it requires a lot of admins' attention and dedication to run a proper service. In return, players can expect properly balanced games that do not discourage new players, and remain fun for the more experienced ones.