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Why no ELO?

Currently, we are focused on small communities that are rather easy to manage from the game-balancing standpoint. ELO is something that some players may abuse, by throwing games, to be put in teams with better players. We believe that trusted group of admins is better at balancing the matches than any automation.

Keep in mind that in the future the support for ELO might be implemented as an option. However, there is no ETA for that yet.

Why no captain-based system?

One of our goals is to make it as easy to get into competitive Team Fortress 2 for new players, as possible. Captain-based systems, although very popular, have the tendency to exclude new players and make them lose dedication towards the game. We believe that the best way to play proper 6v6 pick-up game is to wait for twelve players and put them in two teams that face each other.

Is that a replacement of TF2Center/PugChamp/ What is the difference between you and them?

Rather than a replacement, we would like to see as supplement to what is already established. For quite some time now there has been lack of service allowing less-experienced but still willing to learn players to play at least somewhat serious matches. aims exactly at filling that niche.

Can I have pickups for my country/friends?

Sure! The project is open-source, so there is nothing stopping anybody from hosting pickups on their own.

Would you help me with graphics for a site for our country?

Our team is small, but we will try our best to help you with everything, including the UI branding. The best way to reach us is to join our Discord server.

Do I need to rent a server for hosting pickups?

There are a few components that need to run somewhere, so yes, you need a server for that. You can utilize service in order to rent server for your pickup games automatically in case you do not require custom plugins for your gamemode.

I can rent a server, but I have no idea about server stuff at all, what can I do then?

Provided we have time, our small team offers help with setting everything up. The best way to contact us is to join the project Discord server.

Can I use Discord for voice server?

As of now, only Mumble is supported. There are plans to support voice on Discord, but there is no ETA yet.

Will there ever be a website for international/regional pickups (wider than national)? If yes, when?

Yes! We have a couple of services running which are supposed to be international due to main use of English language: